Lubbock County Hot Checks Office
Online Payments System
Welcome To The Lubbock County Hot Checks Online Payment System.
If you have a returned check filed at the Lubbock County Hot Check Office, you can pay
that check on-line by entering your driver's license number and last name.
The steps to paying that case are:
    1. Agree to the terms and limitations of this on-line service.
    2. Find Check by your Driver's License and Last Name.
    3. Select Check to pay.
    4. Make payment on LexisNexis Secure Website.

  • Paying your checks and fees does NOT resolve possible warrant issues.

  • A warrant for ISSUANCE OF A BAD CHECK may be outstanding for you and could lead to your arrest.

  • After you pay your checks, you are encouraged to see whether a warrant is active by contacting
    the Justice of the Peace at the Lubbock County website, or online at Pay JP Cases Online.

  • You will only find checks filed in the Lubbock County Hot Check Office.

    WARNING: If you are using a public kiosk or workstation in a public location
    to access this application and need to leave this site prior to completing
    all steps or upon completion of online payment, click "home" or close
    the browser to exit this application. Failure to properly exit this application
    may provide unauthorized access to your private information.

    This system WILL NOT WORK USING A CELLPHONE, only a P.C. or a MAC.
    Some pop-up blockers may also adversely affect service.

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