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Job Details

Department:Juvenile Justice Center
Job Name:Assistant Facility Administrator
Job Description:The Assistant Facility Administrator is responsible for all operations of the detention/residential units during his/her shift & tour of duty. He/she will ensure that order, discipline, safety & security is maintained in the facility at all times. He/she will ensure that all mandated Texas Juvenile Justice Department standards & PREA Standards are adhered to at all times during his/her tour of duty. Required Qualifications & Skills: To be eligible for appointment as Assistant Facility Administrator, a person must: meet NCIC/TCIC employment guidelines; be at least 21 years of age; have three years of experience in a secure detention/residential program; have acquired a college degree from an accredited university and have two years of experience in a correctional setting; must have no disqualifying criminal history as mandated by TJJD; capable of being and remaining certified as a juvenile probation officer and juvenile supervision officer by TJJD. Must have knowledge of Texas Family Code, Texas Penal Code, Texas Administrative Code, PREA, and Standards for Juvenile Detention Facilities, Standards for Juvenile Post-Adjudication Secure Correctional Facilities, and general business practices. Must maintain a valid phone number, a Texas Driver License, have an automobile and liability insurance coverage.
Job Attachments:No Attachments
Open Date:11/28/2017
Close Date:Closes When Filled
Cover Letter Required:Yes
Resume Required:Yes
Transcript Required:No
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