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Job Details

Department:Juvenile Justice Center - Probation
Job Name:Juvenile Supervision Officer (STAR)
Job Description:The Juvenile Supervision Officer will report to the STAR Program Coordinator & the Probation Unit Supervisor. The Juvenile Supervision Officer is responsible for directing youth who are placed in the Specialized Treatment & Rehabilitation Program (STAR) & the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP). This position is fully grant funded & is subject to review & cancellation during the renewal period annually. REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS & SKILLS: Perform all regimented physical exercise that program participants are expected to perform; Utilize personal computer; Work independently and efficiently; Make informed decisions; Perform public speaking. This is an Entry-Level position. To be eligible for appointment as a drill instructor a person must: (1) Meet NCIC/TCIC employment guidelines; (2) Be of good moral character; (3) Be emotionally suited for working with children; (4) Have acquired a high school diploma or GED; (5) Meet all the requirements of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department for certification; (6) Maintain TJJD certification after first being certified.
Job Attachments:No Attachments
Open Date:11/27/2017
Close Date:12/13/2017
Cover Letter Required:No
Resume Required:Yes
Transcript Required:No
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