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Job Details

Department:Regional Public Defender/Capital Cases
Job Name:Assistant Public Defender
Job Description:Responsible for providing legal representation for capital defendants in criminal proceedings and ensuring their constitutional rights are upheld. Serves as lead counsel in some cases. Oversees and participates in preparation, presentation and disposition of cases. Provides legal advice to clients. Interviews clients and witnesses to obtain information necessary for preparing a defense. Participates in plea negotiation with prosecutors regarding the pending case. Directs the work of investigators, mitigation specialist and legal assistants in the preparation of a defense. Seeks from the Court any necessary funding for outside experts in the preparation of a defense. Performs legal research. Obtains documents by subpoena and other discovery methods. Drafts briefs, motions, orders, subpoenas and other legal documents, as well as correspondence and reports. Identifies any affirmative or de facto defenses and tactical procedural choices for clients. Prepares cases for court and conducts hearings and trials related to pending cases. Provides narrative, descriptive entries in client files of opinions, impressions, and facts collected. Preserves any potential error for appellate points. Advises clients of constitutional rights waived by pleading guilty and the potential direct and collateral consequences of a guilty plea. Selects juries, examines and cross-examines witnesses, drafts and argues jury instructions and argues cases to the jury. Staffs other cases assigned to the office with other attorneys and staff. Responds to telephone calls from non-clients, family members of clients and walk-in customers, including private attorneys seeking advice and counsel. Qualifications: J.D/LL.B from an accredited law school AND meet the requirements of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 26.052b. The position will office out of Northwest Austin, TX.
Job Attachments:No Attachments
Open Date:10/23/2017
Close Date:Closes When Filled
Cover Letter Required:Yes
Resume Required:Yes
Transcript Required:No
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