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Department:Courts Administration
Job Name:Court Investigator
Job Description:The Court Investigator performs the legal procedures for each guardianship case from the initiation of the investigation into the need for guardianship through the hearing or trial and continues with annual monitoring of the established guardianship until it is closed when the ward dies, moves or is restored to capacity. Coordinates and counsels with state agencies and local agencies under contract with the county to provide legal solutions for incapacitated persons. Coordinates and advises court appointed attorney and ad litem on guardianship legal procedures. Educate community agencies regarding legal policies and requirements for guardianships. Ensures legal compliance of guardianship cases transferred to Lubbock County from other counties and states. Researches legal issues pertaining to guardianship and related law for the court. Writes statutory required reports to the Court on sufficiency of guardianship applications filed by attorneys and annual reviews of the conditions of incapacitated persons who are wards under guardianship. Assists in the supervision of the Administrative Coordinator – Guardianship and Court Visitors. Qualifications. Bachelor's Degree and Juris Doctorate (JD) degree; Continuing Legal Education fifteen (15) hours required annually, plus self-study and training to maintain current knowledge of a variety of fields pertinent to guardianship issues; minimum of five (5) years experience in the relevant areas of law. (Guardianship); License to practice law in the State of Texas; member in good standing of the State Bar of Texas; Ability to work efficiently and effectively in high-pressure situations and ability to communicate effectively; excellent, advanced oral and written communication and court presentation skills. Must possess advanced senior professional level of analytical ability and be very well professionally polished and versed in the art of being diplomatic and tactful in addition to the use of good judgment and common sense. Must be able to handle all stressful situations with an even temperament and work effectively with others in achievement of tasks; must possess necessary writing skills at a well-advanced and professionally creative level to communicate information and directions to attorneys, agencies and citizens; must have solid, up to date working knowledge and understanding of guardianship statutes and other relevant state laws as well as full comprehension of case holdings and departmental policies; must be computer literate.
Job Attachments:No Attachments
Open Date:9/25/2017
Close Date:Closes When Filled
Cover Letter Required:Yes
Resume Required:Yes
Transcript Required:No
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