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Today's Date: 7/20/2018
      Lubbock County
      916 Main Street,Suite 1206
      Lubbock, TX 79401

Job Details

Job Name:HVAC Controls Technician
Job Description:Responsible for operating and maintaining all Lubbock County HVAC systems and computerized energy management systems, including the new Lubbock County Detention Center. Maintains direct digital controls (DDC), variable frequency drives (VFD), and other electronic controls as required for optimal operating efficiency of all electrical and HVAC systems. Must be able to test, install, troubleshoot, service, repair, overhaul, and modify HVAC equipment, controls, and component parts in relation to primary and secondary comfort cooling and heat distribution. High school graduation and 10 years experience with HVAC related systems including at least 5 years in-depth experience with computer network and electronic controls. Computer operation, programming and graphic display knowledge is essential. Must have valid Texas Driver License and pass a physical and extensive background check.
Job Attachments:No Attachments
Open Date:8/31/2017
Close Date:Closes When Filled
Cover Letter Required:No
Resume Required:No
Transcript Required:No
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