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Today's Date: 7/20/2018
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Job Details

Department:Juvenile Justice Center - Detention
Job Name:Food Preparer
Job Description:The Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center Food Preparer shall prepare nutritious meals in accordance with daily menus in a timely manner. The Food Preparer shall maintain sanitary kitchen conditions, in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines. REQUIREMENTS: Pass NCIC Fingerprinting/Background Check. Use recipes to prepare and serve meal for up to 120 persons. Pass the ServSafeĀ® - Food Handler training. a. Follow daily menu plans and approved recipes. Request supervisory approval of any menu changes. b. Serve all meals in accordance with assigned meal times. c. Maintain daily record of all meals served. This includes but is not limited to meal production sheets for all meals served. d. Utilize appropriate equipment to prepare and serve each meal in a nutritious manner. e. Prepare nutritious snacks for the residents each evening. f. And all other duties deemed necessary by the supervisory staff.
Job Attachments:No Attachments
Open Date:8/1/2017
Close Date:8/15/2017
Cover Letter Required:No
Resume Required:No
Transcript Required:No
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